When we relate with other people, not only is there an exchange of thoughts and emotions, but there is an exchange of spiritual energy as well. This can most clearly be seen in our aura. In fact, there is a steady exchange of energy when we are interacting with others. This is by divine design of course. If there were no exchange of energy, we could not connect with people and our relationships would have no meaning.

As we know, our relationships are not always of the highest order. It is all too easy for anger, resentment, frustration and disappointment to set in and this disturbs the quality of our relationships. We must be very careful as an exchange of negative energy from one aura to another has a debilitating effect on the sender and the receiver. Most of the time, we’re not aware that we may be sending or receiving negative energy. Yet we’re certainly aware when an exchange with another person has left us happy or sad.

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you work with your aura in any difficult interaction with others. First recognize that the goal of any relationship is to come from a place to love. Love is the key to healing any relationship friction. So your first job is to work with the deep rose-pink ray to uplift yourself and the other person.

Second, no one has the right to step into your auric field unless somewhere you permit that to happen. This means if you are faced with a difficult relationship, you have to stand up for yourself and refuse to become a victim in any way. If you feel an exchange with another person is heading into a negative direction, see yourself in a golden bubble of protective light and silently refuse any negative energy that may be directed at you. By refusing the destructive energy, you’re helping diffuse the situation which will help all people involved. It’s also a good idea to shower your entire aura with the gold light to build more dynamic power in your dealings with others.

If you’re the one who has sent negative energy to another person, then it is a good idea to work with the white light. Ask that the white light go to that person to release any negative energy you may have sent as well as to derail the destructive effect it may have had on them. Do your best to think kindly of that person. If you find it difficult to do, reaffirm the spiritual perspective with an affirmation such as, “I let this go and put this person in God’s loving hands. I refuse to think badly about this person.” This will help avoid the transmission of any destructive energy.

We are all precious in God’s sight regardless of the mistakes we may make. Being dynamic and strong as well as loving and kind is the key to creating healthy and productive relationships.

In Divine Light and love,

Barbara Y. Martin
Spiritual Director