A successful spiritual journey is comprised of 10 Spiritual Keys. These are 10 qualities you will need to employ in order to succeed in your spiritual quest. In this exercise, we will be posting one Key a day, discussing that key, and working with the spiritual energy associated with that key. This is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on which spiritual principles you are utilizing in your life, and which ones you are being invited to work on.


Imagination is the first Spiritual Key. In terms of your spiritual growth, the Key of Imagination represents the ability to use your mental powers to envision, to the best of your ability, the spiritual goal you are attaining to reach.  As the saying goes, if you cannot imagine it, how can you create it?

The clearer the picture, the clearer the results. Imagination is not fantasy. This is not about creating images to satisfy human appetites or personality wants. Imagination is about envisioning your highest self, your highest good, and actively participating in its manifestation.

Exercise: To enhance your imagination, meditate with the Electric Blue ray of creative talent and power.

By Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis