Today we present the tenth and final Key in our Ten Keys to Success in Spiritual Growth series. Now that all 10 Keys have been gifted to you, remember to revisit them often. A fantastic exercise is to take one key a week and meditate daily upon its wisdom. Journaling can be very beneficial to help document your progress. Write down insights, feelings, thoughts, memories, hunches and intuitions. This is a fantastic opportunity to be creative – write, paint, dance, sing, cook, hike, etc – and invite the Divine into your daily life.


The tenth Key to success in your spiritual growth is Divine Love. In your quest of spiritual development the expression of of love and compassion is paramount. Love is the great divine unifier of life; love holds creation together.

When you are in your spiritual love flow, you are in the oneness and goodness of life. To build your love flow, you need to let go of selfish actions and behaviors, and embrace your higher nature. You are an immortal, spiritual being. It is your birthright to experience, express, and manifest love in all areas and arenas.

As you slowly unite your heart and mind with God, your thoughts become God thoughts and your actions become God actions.  With dedication and practice it becomes easy and natural to learn to trust these God thoughts and feelings when they come to you. Opening to the gift of loving co-creation with the Divine is instrumental to your spiritual success.

Exercise: To enhance your experience with Divine Love mditate with the Fuchsia Pink Ray of Healing and Restorative Love.

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