Your Higher Self is an indispensable tool in solving problems and challenges.

A simple exercise to work with your Higher self is to envision a brilliant golden sun above your head, about two feet. This radiant sun is your Higher Self,  your highest nature.  It is your direct link to Source. Begin by placing your attention in this golden sun. Feel its eternal warmth. Once there, ask that what you need to know concerning the situation be revealed to you. Ask in faith! The key is to believe an answer/insight will be given.

In placing your attention in your Higher Self,  let go of your problem. Surrender your issue to Source. This is paramount. The Higher knows what is going on. It knows better than you or I. Too many times we cling to our problems and this prevents us from receiving the love, help, and guidence God is sending. It keeps us in the mental part of  our being, preventing us from reaching into the Higher.

After you have held to receive God’s gift, thank The Higher and bring your attention back to your physical body. Notice any sensations, thoughts, emotions, inspirations, desires. Even if they dont make sense, take note! The Higher speaks to us in many ways.

Let go of your problem. Clear it from your mind to give room to receive divine inspiration. Allow the miracle. Forgive. And Give Thanks.

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