Our motto at Spiritual Arts Institute is helping souls grow. All teachings the Institute offers are geared toward facilitating the spiritual evolution of each soul through the time-honored practice of metaphysics—a spiritual discipline that has successfully steered many souls in their quests for divine enlightenment.

Spiritual Arts Institute emphasizes Christ-based metaphysics sometimes called Christian mysticism or mystic Christianity. These metaphysical Christ teachings are presented in a practical, educational context, not a religious one. Our goal is to show how the Christ teachings are an essential and foundational part of metaphysical study and are not exclusive to any particular creed or religious belief system. Rather, the teachings are tools for personal and spiritual development and meant for all people who wish to better themselves.

The institute’s unbiased classes and workshops are geared to help make understandable the mystical interpretation of metaphysics in healing and spiritual development, so students can make their own decisions in incorporating these instructions into their lives. It is our position that Christ-based metaphysics is not a religion and students are free to incorporate these teachings into their own belief system or religious practice.