Joshua Tree Retreat Center

During the first week of December the students of Spiritual Arts Institute gathered in Joshua Tree, California, for our annual Initiation. Every year students of all ages and backgrounds travel from around the world, some as far away as Israel and Japan, to meditate, pray, and expand our spiritual education.

The Initiation is the highlight of the year for Spiritual Arts Institute, because it is during this time that we receive a powerful and glorious blessing from the Higher. Our beloved teacher Barbara Y. Martin explains,

light blessing“Initiation is the time when the Holy Ones of Divine Light come very close to bless us for the spiritual work done throughout the year.

The Holiday time of year is important as well as this is when when the Holy Ones down-ray a lot of Divine Light to humanity.

Do your best to stay in a high consciousness so you can receive this blessing and be a channel of it for others.”

In addition to the blessings received from the Higher, during the initiation we have the opportunity to bond with our spiritual community. These friendships are invaluable to encourage us as we climb our individual spiritual ladders. One of the most beautiful things about being in the spiritual work is it brings so many wonderful people together–a true spiritual family.

Barbara Y. Martin
Wishing you health and happiness this Holiday Season,
and a very bright New Year!
Barbara Y. Martin & Dimitri Moraitis