metaphysics It is with great joy that I present to you the next level of metaphysics:
The Kingdom of Light Teachings.
This wisdom has been the source of the metaphysical knowledge and instruction I have been teaching my whole career. They offer a comprehensive, metaphysical practice in working with spiritual energy-the Divine Light.

All the teachings I have shared on the aura and spiritual energy have been part of The Kingdom of Light Teachings. As many have experienced, these teachings offer a whole new revelation in the sacred study of metaphysics and what it means to grow spiritually.

While The Kingdom of Light Teachings have been the core of my metaphysical work all along, it is now time to present a fuller understanding of this work. A new phase of these teachings is unfolding as the divine is bringing in greater revelation, knowledge and extraordinary divine power.


In their essence, The Kingdom of Light Teachings are a metaphysical interpretation of the universal Christ teachings. Their purpose is to offer spiritual instruction designed to accommodate the blossoming in human consciousness and offer fresh insight to the ancient path to enlightenment.

The Kingdom of Light Teachings honors every genuine spiritual practice and strives to find the common bond that unites us all as part of the family of God.

Most essential, The Kingdom of Light Teachings honors the Christos – It recognized the Christ consciousness that dwells in every human soul and strives to assist in the awakening of this divine awareness. What is the Christ consciousness? It is the connecting link to your God awareness.

~As you awaken the Christ consciousness in you,
you open to receive true awareness of the divine. It is the gateway to the mystical experience and union with the divine.~

Following a 4,000 year tradition, these teachings find their root with the original Hebrew mystics and it saw a fuller blossoming with the origins of Christianity. They complement the most ancient of all metaphysical arts – The Hermetic Sciences.

metaphysicsThe Kingdom of Light Teachings embrace all aspects of metaphysics from the aura, meditation and prayer to healing, reincarnation and spiritual growth. The goal of these teachings is to help you reach your highest personal and spiritual potential.

I was very fortunate early in my life to find a mentor in these great teachings. She was a high mystic and was the one who prepared me to become a metaphysical teacher. At that time, she called these teachings Christos Wisdom. Although she is on the other side now, I’m sure she is smiling as this new phase of the spiritual work is unfolding.

Spiritual Arts Institute was formed to offer a foundation for these teachings and share in the wisdom of this most beautiful interpretation of the Pathway to God.

I invite you to join us in this new adventure of The Kingdom of Light Teachings.

A Very Happy New Year 2012,

Barbara Y. Martin
Spiritual Director

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