Of the clairvoyant gifts I have been blessed with, I count my connection with the Holy Ones as my most essential. From the first experience of seeing an angel at age three, the Holy Ones of Divine Light have been my constant companions and support personally, professionally, and spiritually. CommuningWithTheDivine_08-15-13

I have been a metaphysical teacher for more than forty years now. I am primarily known for my work with the auric field and have taught thousands to better themselves by working with their aura and spiritual energy. Yet behind all metaphysical work is the spiritual hierarchy. I simply could not do my metaphysical work without their constant support.

The spiritual hierarchy is the administrator of God’s divine plan. This holy order ranges from advanced souls in the human kingdom to glorious angels, archangels, and planetary leaders. These Holy Ones have been on the spiritual path for a long time, many for eons, and have evolved enormously. They work to uplift humanity and form the evolutionary link connecting us to God. These exalted beings work on different levels of unfoldment, which is why it’s called a hierarchy, yet all work in perfect harmony with one another. Together, they form the evolutionary chain that links all life from the simplest amoeba to the most radiant archangel.

The spiritual hierarchy is your pathway to God. They are the means through which you achieve your life’s purpose and reach your highest spiritual potential. You can’t do it without them.

Let it be said that seeing celestial beings is by no means a prerequisite to working with them. Just as you do not need to see the aura to work with it, you don’t need to see the Higher to work with them. The Higher works lovingly with every soul whether you see them or not.

I had a very dedicated student, Lois, for many years. We were very good friends. She was smart and diligent in her spiritual studies and meditations. Yet she would complain that she could not see the Divine Light—she could not see the Holy Ones, nothing. Yet she knew the spiritual work had value and saw the positive effects in her life. Well, one day, during her meditation, quite unexpectedly, she had an angelic visitation. An angel of love presented herself to Lois, smiled, and gently kissed her on the cheek. Lois was profoundly moved. Yet it did not surprise her—rather, it confirmed to her that the Holy Ones were there all along.

These divine ones are intimately aware of you. In many ways, they know you better than you know yourself. They know your purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you are capable of. They are doing all they can to get closer to you and help you fulfill your purpose. As you learn to work in greater harmony with the divine ones, your life becomes more beautiful and fulfilling. And such a relationship eventually leads to the great mystical union.

One of the most essential ways you will work with the Holy Ones is by calling on Divine Light. The Holy Ones are responsible for sending spiritual energy to humanity. Each of us has an auric field. Your aura is the individual expression of the universal life force. Every day, you build up or diminish the power of your aura through the way you live your life. And each day, the Holy Ones bless you with Divine Light.

Through meditation, you can call on the light directly and this brings you closer to the Holy Ones. So by including the Holy Ones in your light meditation, you can greatly enhance your aura and connection to the celestial beings. Working with spiritual energy and the hierarchy is one of most beautiful ways of communing with the divine.

Love and light,

Barbara Y. Martin


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