Spiritual PurposeEveryone has a purpose. Our individual purpose is the part we play in the Divine Plan of Life. It is part of your tapestry of life. The awareness and energy of this purpose is embedded in your auric field and consciousness. It is imprinted on the fabric of life. Life itself is trying to bring this purpose into realization. It is a driving force urging you onward and upward. Ironically, with all this spiritual power and support many people find fulfilling their purpose difficult and confusing. There are many ways to understand and strengthen this essential part of you. Working with the angelic realms is a major way to help realize all you can be.

The angels and celestial beings play a big part in helping you find and fulfill your purpose. Every day they are inspiring you and sending you intuitive promptings. Yet too often many do not listen or do not want to hear what the divine has to say. This can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe there is fear, or one may be digressing or diverting attention from where it needs to be. There may have been a trauma or tragedy has discouraged someone from aspiring to their highest self. These are all very real situations. Yet without question, a big reason we do not understand or fulfill our purpose is we simply do not put enough effort into the task.

Fulfilling your purpose is one of the most difficult, demanding yet rewarding things you can do. There is nothing in life more satisfying than completing your purpose. It will demand the very best of you, more than you think you have to give. But too many people, instead of rising to the call, either have not taken the time to developed the needed will power, or are simply too lazy, or disorganized to seek and find their purpose.

A key principle is ambition. You will need a great deal of ambition to succeed in all you came to this earth to do. For those in the spiritual work, ambition is often viewed as a negative quality. Ambition can implies aggression, ruthlessness, materialist thinking etc. When ambition is misused and aimed only at temporal gains, this can be true. From the spiritual perspective, ambition is drive, passion, intense desire, and focus. This generates clarity, joy, gentleness, love and inspiration. It brings you closer to the divine. So spiritual ambitious is something to embrace and develop. It gives you the tenacity to stay on track, to stay with the plan as long as it takes to fully complete. At the same time, it leaves you open to new ideas and flows of inspiration. Ambition fuels the driving progress of civilization.

The spiritual hierarchy as a whole works very closely with purpose. By helping humanity fulfills its purpose humanity contribute its part in the divine plan as a whole. And this is extremely important to the divine, because it is the Holy One’s job to realize the divine plan laid out by God. Remember we are partners with the divine and essential to the Holy Work.

There are many celestial beings who can help in this process. The Archangel Raphael is the masterful archangel to call upon if you need more clarity in your spiritual purpose. He brings in the silver ray of Divine Intelligence which can bring greater awareness, so we can see for ourselves what we need to do.

Working under Archangel Raphael you can request the divine guidance of what are known as the Choir Angels and in particular the seraphims. These mighty angels are very industrious and help fan the fires of ambition. In the aura, the attribute of ambition comes through as a bright orange light especially in the heart center (also known as the Hermetic Center). These seraphim angels can help build more spiritual power in your Hermetic center to fuel your ambition.

Work with these divine beings in meditation and prayer. Then follow through on the promptings and inspiration given. As you make more time to get closer to the Divine, you move in closer rhythm with the spiritual pulse beat. This gives you more power to pursue your life purpose with greater joy and success.

Love and light,
Barbara Y. Martin